Update: Weekly Mentoring Sessions

I have had the pleasure to talk with 30+ folks and help them in their journey in the field of computer science and/or growing in their career with Open Source Software. It has been an honour that so many wanted to talk to me and get my views.

For the month of December, I am going to take a break from the mentoring sessions as I will travelling on most weekends and will be out for vacation in the later half of the month.

Fret not, I will try to make up for the lost time by doubling up my commitment for January 2022. But, in case you need to urgently talk with me, drop me a ping on hey [at] nabarun [dot] dev and I will try to schedule something which works for both of us.

Wish you all a very happy December! 🎉

PS: Stay tuned to the RSS feed! There are many articles which are languishing in my drafts, I may publish a few of them.