Giving Back

Over time, I have learnt a lot from the open-source software community, not just in India but from various parts of the world. I have the privilege of learning from the best software engineers in this world. A lot of great mentors have influenced me and helped me in shaping my way into OSS. These interactions were valuable to me, being a self-taught software engineer.

While talking to one junior from my alma mater, I realized there is still a gap between people wanting to get mentored and good mentors in the OSS community. There are outstanding programs like DGPLUG Summer Training which help new contributors learn how to survive in the open-source community by covering in breadth the mechanics. Still, people usually don’t discover on their own. I understand how frustrating it is to get stuck when you are exploring something. Having a mentor/partner with whom you can discuss doubts is vital in that situation.

As a way of giving back to the community that I have learned so much from, I am pledging 4 hours per week of my time to talk with folks who seek mentorship in OSS, Career journey, or, in general, talk about anything common interests.

Just go to to schedule a slot.