Coffee started to interest me in 2020 when the pandemic hit and I had time to explore different kinds of coffee. Until then I had only tried instant coffee powder from Nescafe or Bru.

A few quick searches led me to Blue Tokai. I had seen their cafés in Bangalore but didn’t know they sell roasted beans as well. More research led me to the conclusion that there are numerous methods to brew coffee and almost all of them required some equipment.

Before investing into equipment, I wanted to try whether I liked coffee that much. So, one fine day I ordered a set of Easy Pour sachets from Amazon which had 4 blends of coffee ranging from light to medium to dark roasts.

Of the two roasts, I liked medium-dark and dark. The roast was sorted. ✅

Next up, what about the grind? This will decide the equipment as well. I decided to go with Channi Grind which is basically a level of coarseness where you can use a strainer in your kitchen to seep water through coffee kept on the strainer.

My first impressions were very good but the coffee is left with a lot of fine coffee dust and gives a bad after taste to the final sips of the brew.

After a few months, I decided to invest in a pour over set consisting of Hario Pour Over Dripper and filter papers from Hario.

I have tried a lot of coffee blends since then mostly from Blue Tokai as that’s the brand I found I like the most. I did try quite a few others like Colombian Brew, Sleepy Owl, Rage Coffee but none of them cut the bill like Blue Tokai.


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